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Gabrialle Hunt was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Prince George's County, Maryland. It was in these areas that she developed a love for art as she was enrolled in art programs in school as early as kindergarten. Since then, she has studied and experimented with drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and photography before finding the most fulfillment with painting. She has also been shaped directly by her environment; having access to diverse people, cultures, and art has enabled her to learn to be open to ideas no matter where they may come from.


Ultimately, it is important to Gabrialle to represent black American artists, specifically females, and to create artwork they can find relatable. She finds most of her inspiration in movies and music and finds ways to incorporate her own life to tell a story. She enjoys using the human form to embody emotions and ideas in a slightly surreal or abstracted point of view and uses bold colors and engaging compositions to create atmospheres that aren't completely realistic while still keeping some elements of reality.

Many people use art as a tool for healing and coming together. It is Gabrialle's goal to find ways to spread optimism and joy to as many people as possible through art.

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